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BMX Racing Indoor Winter Cup in TARTU 2015. 


5. Winter Cup Tartu

5. Tartu Linna Talvised Karikavõistlused BMX krossis


1.      Time and Place of the Competition

I round   –  November 21- 22

II round  – December 12- 13

III round – January 16- 17

IV round – February 13- 14

V round – March 12- 13



2.      Competition Schedule

1. day

10.00 – 11.00 Registration for the competition

11.00  - Meeting of team representatives

11.10 – 11.30 Training races age 12 and younger

11.30 – 12.00 Training with gate

12.05- 13.30  Timed races age 12 and younger

14.00  Prize ceremony

14.30- 15.00 Training races age 13 and older

15.00- 15.30 Training with gate

15.35- 17.00 Timed races age 13 and older

17.30- Prize ceremony

In time races each participant has to ride 3 races.

2. day

9.00- 10.00 Registration for the competition

10.00- Meeting of team representatives

10.05- 10.30 Training races age 12 and younger

10.30- 11.00 Training with gate

11.05- 12.30 Races age 12 and younger

13.00 Prize ceremony

13.30- 14.00 Training races age 13 and older

14.00- 14.30 Training with gate

14.35- 16.00 Races

16.30 Prize ceremony

2. day started only riders, who had results in time races.


3.      Registration of Participants, Participating Fees

Pre-registration of participants for the all rounds is open until 3 days before race on the e-mail address Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt. .

Registration for the competition and paying of start fees takes place on-site in the Event Centre, Laulupeo pst 21. The start fees are 5 EUR for participants for the every raceday.


4.      Age Classes and Scoring System

Challenge level: Boys 6 and younger, B 7-8, B 9-10, B 11-12, B 13-14, B 15-16

                  Girls 6 and younger, G 7-8, G 9-10, G11-12, G 13-14, G 15-16

Championship level: Men Juniors/ Women Juniors 17-18 years

Men Elite/ Women Elite          19 years and older

Cruiser class: cruiser 17 and older (24“ bikes)

Age classes in first stage by 2016 year.

The competition starts with timed races. Each participant has the opportunity to ride 3 races, the better result of which will be taken into account. Based on timed races, bikers are placed into final races in second day according to age classes. An age class is opened in case at least 3 participants take part. If there are less participants, the participants are switched to the next age class.

The competition will be conducted in 5 stages and the results of the four best stages will be taken into account.

Points on a stage will be given according to ranking on the stage. 1st place 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points etc. The participant with the least points accumulated in four races is the winner. In case of equal results the participant with the best time will be regarded.


5.      Prize Ceremony

The three best of each stage will be rewarded with medals and material prizes.

Prize ceremonies take place after the end of each race day.

In summary the three best of each age class will be rewarded with a cup and material prizes. The summary prize ceremony will take place on March 15 after the end of the last round.


6.      Trainings

In the days before the competition it is possible to condact trainings in the BMX hall. Times and prices of trainings are available in agreement with the organizer. Information phone: +3725012539


7.      Accommodation

Accommodation in the same building as the BMX hall, Laulupeo pst 21 is available by calling +3725065786.

Issues risen during the competition will be solved on-site by the board of referees.


8.      Results

    Results will avaible on the website: and


Competition Organizers

Competition Organizer   Tartu SK Velo

Main Organizer                 Jaan Veeranna  Phone +3725012539.

Chief Referee                    Kuldar Põder    Phone +3725106030